MagenPro Overview


What is MagenPro?

MagenPro= Magento + Doba Products

MagenPro = Magento + Doba Products.

MagenPro is the integration between Magento and Doba Drop ship Products.

123Gosell and Doba have partnered to give you access to over 1,250,000 High Demand products at wholesale prices and drop-ship them directly to your customers. it's fast, simple, and you can start today!

Why Use Gosell?

  • Access 1 Million+ prod.
  • Ebay Integration (Free)
  • Products Delivery Ser.
  • World-Class support




Having only a flashy online store is no longer enough to keep customers coming back; having the right products at the better price will. That’s why 123Gosell is much more than a simply shopping cart; it’s an online merchant's solution.

Notice: You can now buy MagenPro as a Standalone unit for your existing Magento store. Buy Standalone

Complete Product Solution for online business success!
With any Gosell Web Package solution, you can have a Website set up to sell an unlimited number of products from any number of distributor you choose. Not sure what products to sell, where to get them, or how to market them to potential customers? We can help by offering the most complete E-Commerce Solution packages available online today.

Every new Gosell Web Package is completely integrated with Doba's Drop Ship service. That gives you access to more than 1,250,000 wholesale products that you can add to your Gosell Web Package web site with just a click of the mouse, complete with product images, descriptions, and daily inventory updates direct from Doba!

Doba Drop Ship Product
Doba is the prime wholesale product source for those who sell on auction sites eBay, Yahoo, Overstock, Amazon, etc.
Doba is not a middle man, nor are is Doba a warehouse full of products. Simply, Doba is the #1 Drop Ship Product Sourcing Partner on the internet. When Gosell Web Packages partnered with Doba it enabled us to offer you the most Complete Solutions Possible for anyone who wants to sell products online. You get access to several different suppliers that sell products at wholesale prices and drop ship them direct to your customers. We not only get you access but we add value. When you get started with Gosell Web Packages & Complete Drop Ship solution by Doba you get instant access to the products.

Because of our large volume we are also able to negotiate lower drop ship fees for our members than if they setup their own accounts with suppliers. Additionally, using Doba saves you approximately $900 in supplier account setup fees. Plus many of our suppliers drop ship exclusively through Doba!