MagenZon Overview


What is MagenZon?

MagenZon= Magento + Doba Products

MagenZon = Magento + Amazon Products.

MagenZon is the integration between Magento and Amazon Products.

Magento Extension (Standalone) - Magenzon- Import and sell Amazon Products Millions High Demand products to imports from Amazon (images, desctiption, prices, stock, reviews etc), directly into your Magento store, buy now link leading to Amazon payment page, or check-out on directly on your store (You will have to process order manually on Amazon). Auto sync stocks. Flexible filtering. Search & load by ASIN.

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  • Access 100 Million+ prod.
  • Fast product Upload
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • World-Class support




This useful magento extension allows you easily load and manage products from any Amazon store. Just locate the desired product and click load. The system will load description, images, prices, and stocks. Later, products can be syncronized using the magento cron tab. It's all you need to increase traffic to your site!

Notice: You can now buy MagenZon as a Standalone unit for your existing Magento store. Buy MagenZon

Complete Product Solution for online business success!
MagenZon Products Features: Loads products from Amazon: USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Spain. The extension does not support sync products from Magento to Amazon. Filtering by - Amazon categories - Keywords - Availability - Advanced parameters loaded specifically for the selected Amazon category - ASIN (multiple values comma separated)
  1. Loads reviews from Amazon
  2. Import Customer Reviews to the Magento database
  3. Ability to copy Amazon’s catalog structure
  4. Ability to select Magento Root catalog and import catalog
  5. Enter associate tags
  6. Change import settings
  7. Set synchronization settings
    And more...