MagenGo: Hosting Magento


All 123Gosell web packages comes fully hosted and managed on the fastest SimpleHelix PHP servers in the Industry, giving your Magento store the quickest page loading available today .

We deliver fast! Unlike other hosting providers which still runs on ancient technology, we utilize only the latest and the most advanced hardware we can get our hands on. You will not see any Pentium 3 running around in our datacenter!

We currently use 8 X Intel Xeon Harpertowns CPUs with 12 MB Cache! running on the latest Enterprise Linux CentOS 5 with Directadmin/Installatron. But above all, we utilize the fastest hard disk drives on the planet using Seagate Cheetah 15K5 SAS Drives to deliver insane I/O performance. No one comes close to what we provide in terms of raw speed and performance because we do not come cheap when it comes to server hardware! You will be rest assured you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Magento on un-optimized shared hosting

Although many competitors offer hosting for Magento, you'll find that the performance from host to host varies significantly. This is because Magento is a heavy-duty PHP 5 application requiring fast disk-seek reads and quick mysql transactions, if you ever want to achieve any kind of optimal performance.

Our quick research shows that approximately 90% of the hosting companies out there do not have the adequate hardware nor the optimized environment to have Magento running on optimal performance. Even on a VPS, VDS, and even Dedicated Servers, you'll find that you won't get the exactly snappy speeds that you are looking for.

Speed Comparison

Why we are better and faster?

You'll be surprised to know that 123Gosell and Simplehelix hosting will outperform that of most VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud™ hosting plans out there. Here are some of the reasons why we are the undisputed leader in performance.

Reason #1: Fast SAS based 15K5 RPM Hard Drives

  • We are one of the first and the only few hosting companies that actually provides incredibly fast 15K5 RPM SAS drives to the market.
  • Studies have shown, these drives can boost performance by 300%.

Reason #2: Enterprise LiteSpeed™ Web Server

  • LiteSpeed™ is an enterprise level web server developed specifically to provide the highest performance in web server technology. It can deliver up to 5x to 10x performance gains than traditional Apache web server.

Reason #3: Enhanced MySQL Server

  • Due to our faster I/O speed and cache-optimized Mysql, we are able to provide much higher transactions per second ratio than any of our other competitors out there.

Reason #4: Solid Multi-Homed OC-192 Network for High Traffic

  • Our exclusive low-hop network and high-availability OC-192 bandwidth ensures that you will get the quickest and the most reliable access to your data while ensuring you with an incredible 100% uptime network.

Reason #5: Absolutely Zero Overselling

  • We have an automated server monitoring program that checks for the health conditions of each and every server. We are constantly managing our servers for any types of performance hit so our servers will be in top-shape conditions at all times.

Other Exclusive Features

AtMail™ (AJAX-based Webmail)

  • Enjoy our easy-to-use and friendly Ajax-based webmail

Advanced Spam and Virus Detection

  • Stop unwanted and unsolicited emails from clogging your mail accounts

Huge collection of 1-Click Installers (Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and more)

  • We have the biggest collection of open source PHP applications at your finger tips.

123Gosell affiliation with SimpleHelix has been strictly strategic and for the benefits of our user. After careful research and due deligence we found that SimpleHELIX is always up to date with the rapid advancement of the web hosting industry. You can rest assured that your websites will be powered by the most advance technology used in the market.

About SimpleHELIX

Top 10 fastest growing web host company.

SimpleHELIX is an advanced web hosting solutions company located in Huntsville, Alabama. We at SimpleHELIX are determined to provide the fastest and the most reliable web hosting service that our competitors can't match. Our cutting-edge hardware and technology allows us to offer the fastest page loading time for your websites. Our determination to offer the quickest and the friendliest professional 24x7 support makes SimpleHELIX the most reliable web hosting service in the market.

A World-Class Facility and Infrastructure

Our Premium Enterprise-Level Infrastructure

  • LiteSpeed™ Web Server Enterprise Edition
  • Dell™ next generation PowerEdge™ Servers
  • Intel® next generation Xeon® Processor Series 5500
  • Seagate Cheetah™ 15K5 RPM SAS Hard Drives
  • 32 GB High Performance DDR3 RDIMM Memory
  • Multi-Homed OC-192 Carrier Neutral Network
  • Advanced HelixGuard™ Security Suite
  • iSCSI/SAN Backup Servers
  • Barracuda Firewalls
  • Fully PCI-Compliant
Once you start using our services, you will see an immediate boost in performance that just cannot be compared.

We specialize in hosting high-traffic sites with performance intense contents. Whether you are running sites that gets millions of visitors per day or just starting out a small e-commerce store, our experience and our skills provides you with a service that is unrivaled in the hosting industry.


Strategic Location

Our servers are strategically located in a private cage in a datacenter in Atlanta, GA - making SimpleHELIX connected to the fastest internet service providers in the US. All of our servers are directly connected to nLAYER, PCCWBTN, TELIA, LEVEL3, XO, SAVVIS, MZIMA, & COGENT. We at SimpleHELIX don't believe in compromising performance for money. Optimized for speed, SimpleHELIX uses a gigabit fiber optic connection directly to our data center's core router.

Why Choose Us?

We are simply the fastest! 
We provide the fastest page loading time guaranteed. We are so confident that if you find a faster company, we will provide you with free hosting until we can exceed the competitor's performance.

Why "Performance Hosting"?
A high performance site is more likely to attract more people, increasing the traffic. High traffic means more customers for business, more viewers of advertisements, and to put it simply, more money in your pocket.

24/7 Support
Our support staff consists of well educated, knowledgeable individuals that speak your language. No more running around the loop talking to a computer that may not give the support you are calling for. Get the support that you need right away. Our incredibly fast response time in the ticket system, will ensure that you get the fastest support in the nation.

Customers Rave!
The word is out. MagenGo is the fastest Magento hosting service available to date. Providing friendly support backed by our super fast technology, our customers find our service refreshing and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do i pay for MagenGo Separately?
No, MagenGo is included as part of the Gosell Web Package, Once you sign up for any Gosell Web Package your will be hosted on MagenGo fast obtimised servers.
Do i need a separate account with Simplehelix?
No, when you sign-up for a Gosell package you will be automatically be using simpleHelix hosting services.
Can I change my mind and downgrade to another web package?
Absolutely we strongly believe that our web package model offers the best features to our users. One of those features is the ability to move between any of our available solutions, and change it as often as you like.
Is Doba an eBay Certified Service Provider?
Yes, Doba is an eBay Certified Service Provider. This certification is eBay's coveted validation of businesses helping online buyers and sellers achieve their objectives. eBay reserves this high honor for only a select few that have met strict qualification criteria and continually uphold a higher standard of service excellence.
What if i change my mind and want to cancel my web package, is this a contract?
No, you will no have a contact with us or Doba. You may cancel and reactivate at any time with a 30 days money back guarantee.
Do 123Gosell or Doba make a profit from selling products?
No, We only provide you the service and software to sell more products, we make money from your monthly subscription.