How It Works


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How it works

Want to sell online? We have the products, drop shipping services, and the e-commerce know-how to make it profitable.

123Gosell and Doba have partnered to give you access to over 1,250,000 High Demand products at wholesale prices and drop-ship them directly to your customers. it's fast, simple, and you can start today!

Why Use Gosell?

  • Access 1 Million+ products
  • #1 drop shipper for 5 years
  • Ship directly to your customers
  • World-Class support

An Easy Online Retail Business Solution

Doba and123gosell seamless integration solution helps you find products and upload them straight to your site after you've sign-up.
• First, Sign-up for a web Package.
• Next, browse Doba’s easy-to-use website and choose from over one million products to sell.
• Then, with a click of a button upload the product information to your own website using 123gosell easy-to-use Pull-to-website tool. Also you to can list products on sites like eBay without cutting and pasting product information.
• When the product sells, collect money from the buyer and complete the order with Doba.
• The product is shipped directly to your customer from the supplier – you don’t have to store, box, label, or ship anything.
• You keep the difference between your costs and what you charged.

It’s that easy.

Complete Solution for your Drop Ship Business Success!

Having an online store is no longer enough to keep customers coming back and not having the products they need is never a choice for the successful e-tailer. That’s why 123Gosell is much more than a simply shopping cart; it’s an online merchant's solution. We have integrated the three main sectors to give you the ultimate advantage over the competition;

MagenGo- Fast Hosting

The Foundation of any successful online store is its hosting infrastructure. We are one of the first and the only few hosting companies that actually provides incredibly fast 15K5 RPM SAS drives to the market. Studies have shown, these drives can boost performance by 300%. Read more...

No.2 Magento- Feature rich E-Stores
If presentation and perception is the door to any successful online store,then magento is the key.
Magento is an open source e-commerce application developed by Varien. Magento has taken the e-commerce world by storm ever since their launch of their first public beta released on August of 2007.

Now two year later, Magento is one of the most sought after e-commerce application on the internet, establishing itself as the undisputed leader in opensource e-commerce software. Gosell is built on the Magento ecommerce platform because of its altra features, flexability and user friendly backend, but most of all because it is FREE for you to use. Read more...

No.3 MagenPro- Doba Products Integration
123 Gosell has partnered with Doba :- the most trusted name in drop ship products to give access to over 1 million Drop ship products.
Doba has been recognized as the most trusted drop ship solution in the industry. Many organizations, companies and publications look to Doba as their product sourcing solution of choice. They prove to be leaders through their expertise, recognitions and certifications, including:

eBay Certified Service Provider

Doba was one of the original eBay Certified Service Providers. They’ve maintained this coveted eBay validation since 2004. eBay reserves this high honour for only a select few that have met strict qualification criteria and continually uphold a higher standard of service excellence. Read more...